Friends of AAC was chosen by Alchemy Systems to participate in the annual CreateAthon, a 24 hour design fest, that they facilitate in partnership with the Texas State University Communication Design program. Five teams were created and given an organization to help create materials for. Friends of AAC came prepared with a list and we vowed not to leave them empty handed, even if it took all night!


The Client

The Friends of Austin Animal Center, or Friends of AAC, is a independent, volunteer based, non-profit organization. The purpose of Friends of AAC is to support the mission of Austin Animal Center to make Austin a "no-kill" city and provide resources for sheltered and fostered animals. Friends of AAC requested updated logos, an infographic, a template for testimonials, and anything else we could think of to help get them more recognition. We began by evaluating their mission statement and orchestrating our game plan.

To find out more about the organization or to support them go to



Because Friends of AAC is a recognized organization with a familiar identity, our team decided that updating and vectorizing the current logo was the best choice for the organization. A more modern approach was taken and applied to creating a logo series for their programs, Classic Canines, Desperate Housecats, Hard Luck Hounds, and the Paw Aid Brigade. It was important that each of the program identities were able to stand on their own was well as work as a system.



Friends of AAC is reliant on volunteer participation. They currently utilize flyers and events to get new partners, whether that be through adoption, foster care, volunteer work, or donation. In order to expand their reach, we reimagined their flyer, provided them with a template testimonial page, and a rejuvenated design of their website.



Friends of AAC will often put on events to gather more volunteers and raise awareness of their united cause with the Austin Animal Center. My team saw a need for Friends of AAC to be more recognizable and decided to propose a series of roll up signs to display at events and a t-shirt design for volunteers to wear or give out to new volunteers.


The Dream Team

Working as part of a group of my peers and under the guidance of a professional mentor was one of the best experiences I could have ever been blessed with during my student career at Texas State University. We learned from each other and everyone involved felt like we'd participated in a life-changing event. From left to right: Brian Daniels (our fearless leader), Yamna Jakhar, Rachel Douglas, Thy Do, Daniella Drummond, and Amber Rowland (myself, in the front).


thank you!

Special thanks to and Google Image Search (using the 'Labeled for Reuse with Modification' tag) for photography and for all Photoshop mockup files.