The Mighty

Hardships are all around us, some of them effect our physical health, others effect our mental well-being. Often times, when a person looks online for answers, they are provided with a sterile medical perspective that isn't always helpful. The Mighty provides a community to discuss more than pills and side effects. They provide a familiar perspective for their readers by publishing works produced by real people who experience those real challenges first hand. They believe that having a disability or disease doesn't have to be isolating.

We are stronger when we face adversity together, and we know it.
— The Mighty

The Problem

Currently, the The Mighty uses social media such as Facebook to advertise their content. They mostly rely on shared articles and the occasional video to shine a light on featured articles or topics. The videos, though thought provoking, use a similar format for most posts and are often longer than the usual social media scroller's attention span. By expanding their advertising platforms and utilizing physical media, we hope to create a more interactive experience and create a more diverse audience.


The Campaign

Ten individuals were interviewed over the course of a week. The volunteers provided my team with amazing perspectives on their individual strengths and struggles. With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, some of the questions asked were guided to gain insight on how each of the volunteers' different conditions effected their mental state. The hour long interviews brought laughter, tears, and most importantly enlightenment to everyone in my team, including the volunteers.  


Thank you

Big thanks to Jessica Bosquez, Lead Photographer, and Morgan Blair, Chief Photo Editor. I was so blessed to have a large number of volunteers and two amazing partners to work with. This project could not have been a success without them. All mockup resources were received from and