Muse Monthly

As the only subscription box providing is customers truly unique experience. Muse Monthly caters to those who like curl up with a good book and a hot cup of tea. Every month the subscriber receives a new novel paired with a full box, or tin, of tea specifically chosen for that month! Muse Monthly prides themselves on providing it subscribers with a wide range of literature and supporting small, local, and organic tea makers.


The Brand

Muse Monthly's brand is seemingly geared to capture the attention of women. Though a large number of their subscribers identify as female, the business may gain more attention with a less gender specific undertone. Muse Monthly also loses some credibility due to the state of their brand and actual subscription box. Providing the business with an updated logo, website, and design for packaging will help reach a larger audience. 


The Box

Every month, customers receive one book and one package of tea. Each item is purposefully chosen to compliment its counterpart. Additionally, the readers may purchase extra items, such as mugs and bookmarks. Occasionally, the customer may receive one of the extras as a gift from the curator during special edition months.


The Order

The current website for Muse Monthly is direct, but after setting up your subscription, the user may not have reason to come back to the site. The website is where the user can view all of their account information and home to Muse Monthly's blog. The process of ordering and subscribing from Muse Monthly should be straight forward, but still have the ability to hold the user's attention.


Thank you!

Special thanks to for stock photography, Anna Rodriquez at SUBSCRIPTION BOX LIST for imagery used in her review of the product, as well as,, and for all Photoshop mockup files.