The use of aromatherapy is steadily increasing, especially in family households via essential oils. Healing Solutions is unique in that their products come certified as completely pure, and they pride themselves in that authenticity. Additionally, though men do use them, most branding for essential oils, including Healing Solutions, is catered more towards women. Often times, branding for the essential oils can be busy and text heavy. Healing Solutions makes efforts to put forth an honest brand that does not favor women or men. The transition to a more inclusive and successful brand starts with the name. 


A Fresh Start

Healing Solutions gives the user a lot of information. Though there are many great individual brand elements, the user may become overwhelmed when experiencing it all together. The brand makes strides to appeal to all genders, but is more feminine in nature. Limiting the feminine influence will help open the brand up to a larger consumer base. It is also important that the new brand conveys the actual science behind aromatherapy; this will help convince customers of it's credibility as a therapeutic alternative. 


The First Impression

Pure Essential Oils is direct and clean in presentation. Photography, as well as graphic elements, are utilized to continue to portay a professional and honest business. The brand prides itself on the purity of it's process thus, the process of ordering should be just as pure. 


The Delivery

Each boxed set is color coded by it's purpose, black for the basic beginner box, red for the healing/protective box, and light blue for the kid friendly box. Each box includes a thank you card that has a list of contents. 


The Labels

The label is transparent with white and a spot color on an amber colored glass bottle. Amber or Cobalt Blue glass bottles reduce the amount of light that penetrates the bottle. The use of plastic bottles would allow the oil to be absorbed into it's packaging over time and clear glass may cause the product to separate. All essential oils should be diluted to some degree, and some are not safe to use on all children under a certain age. Pure Essential Oils sells three different types of oil: pure single oils, kid safe oils, and blended concoctions.


Thank you!

Special thanks to for photography and for all mock up resources. Copy for the PURE ESSENTIAL OILS complete rebrand is taken and inspired by the original Healing Solutions website.